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Red Square

This project is absolutely unique for several reasons, but mainly because of people we met and became friends with during the project.
As of the first project days we have identified a number of tricky technical issues to be solved. Primarily, we could not modify the existing floor plans and the layout of the utilities conducted behind the ceiling, as they are all of great importance, consequently any replacement was crucial. Another issue, which we faced for the first time, was to develop a solution for the assembly module and the recording studio.

Our company is a big TV production group, meaning that we have specific requirements to the working space.

It was critical for us to create a comfortable productive environment for employees working in various distinctive departments.

Furthermore, interior design had to correlate with the image of the company. After all, we work in television.

Tatiana Minakova Administrative director
“Red Square”


Head office

Public corridor

VIP corridor


Conference room



Moscow, Vavilova str. 65A

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